Full Form of Most Common Mobile related terms that everyone should know

Full Form of Most common Mobile Related Terms that everone should know

1. Full Form of Mobile – Modified Operation Byte Integration Limited Energy

2. Full Form of PHONE – Personal Handset Over Network Equipment.

3. Full Form of SIM – Subscriber Identity Module

4. Full Form Of 4G – 4th Generation.

5. Full Form of Internet -International Network.

6. Full Form of wi-fi – Wireless Fidelity.

7. Full Form of VIRUS – Vital Information Resources under Siege.

8. Full form of GIF – Graphic interchange format.

9. Full Form of GPS – Global Positioning System.

10. Full Form of GPRS – General Packed Radio Service.

11. Full Form of VPN – Virtual Private Network.

12. Full Form of OTG – On-the-Go.

13. Full Form of GSM – Global system for Mobile Communication.

14. Full Form of USB – Universal Serial Bus.

15. Full Form of SMS – Short Message Service.

16.Full Form Of WLAN – Wireless Local Area Network.



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